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Dolefin SA (thereafter Dolefin) with seat in Nyon is a joint stock corporation established for an indefinite period in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, by deed dated February 2000. The company was registered in the commercial Register of the Canton of Vaud on February 2000 and acquired his licence as an authorised Asset Manager of collective investment funds by the FINMA (Swiss  Financial Market Supervisory Authority) in June 2008. The company offers Investment Management services and Technical Research

Our Mission

Our mission consists of giving Investment Advice to the sophisticated client segment, mainly Institutional. We realise that these investors are well-served with Fundamental Research but seek advice with regard to market-timing and instrument choice for investing, divesting, hedging and trading activities.

Our skills in Technical Analysis combined with our know-how in instrument selection as well as our well-founded knowledge in Fundamental Analysis and market experience enables us to establish and implement investment strategies that promise superior results.
Our investment style will be further applied to Global Advisory and Special Asset Management mandates.


Stefan Steinemann, CFA, CMT       Technical Analyst
Partner & co-Founder
Mr S. Steinemann is also members of the Market Technicians Association ( and he supports the high standards of professionalism and ethics demonstrated by the MTA. This commitment includes supporting the Market Technicians Association Educational Foundation ( and their efforts to have technical analysis included in the curriculum of major business schools.

Urs A. Gmr, CFA                            Investment Advisor and Asset Manager
Partner & co-Founder

Both are member of the CFA-Institute( and its Swiss Society (

Martina Jensik                                  Assistant Portfolio Manager

Company Logo Explained

The border line of our logo represents the Greek letter Phi. This symbol stands for the Golden Ratio which itself is derived from Fibonacci numbers (1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 etc).

Both are important variables used by Technical Analysts who apply the Elliott Wave Theory to analyse financial market behaviour.

The inside of the logo represents the contours of the countryside region of Nyon where Dolefins offices are located and where the founders live. On the top of the white mountain La Dle (Company's name is a combination of La Dle and Finance, pronounced [Dolfin]) that is covered with snow during the winter season, you find the letter Phi once again. In reality, that similar shaped balloon-like construction is used by Swiss Control to co-ordinate the air traffic. The green surface are the woods, meadows and fields and the blue waves on the bottom represent the lake of Geneva.

There were two main reasons for the choice of this logo: First of all, Phi plays an important role in our technical research. Furthermore, the countryside symbolises the underlying philosophy in technical analysis, that natural laws govern mass psychology and ultimately market movements.

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